Executive Design and Supervision of Road System of the Guararapes International Airport - Recife / PE 

Client: Department of Infrastructure of the State of Pernambuco - SEINF

 Executive Project Engineering and Construction Supervision of Implementation of the System for Access Road to the New Passenger Terminal at the Guararapes International Airport, including special works of art (bridges) and interconnection metal walkway to the Airport System SEI / Metro. The Management System Special Art Works - SGO comprises a set of tools for managing the bridges and viaducts of a network, aiming to maximize user safety, preservation of heritage and ensure the best conditions for the flow of traffic. The project consisted of the inspection of 2,400 special works of art, developed in three phases, consisting of a diagnostic system, logic design and interface design of the GIS system, special studies and evaluation of OAEs problematic, issue of technical reports, and registration managerial and technical support in the operation of the SGO. The project aims to increase the flow of traffic with the decrease of six traffic lights and removing some returns and greater comfort for passengers embarking / disembarking at the new terminal.


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