Integrated Management System

Management Systems

The Integrated Management of Maia Melo aim to subsidize management model that is effective, promoting the service to all stakeholders, focusing on the client, the environment, health and safety and social responsibility.

For this, we use specific management standards - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and NBR 16001 as tools to develop and implement its policy and objectives, through the activities of verification and monitoring of actions aimed at improving performance of your system.


Quality Policy

Whereas the Mission, Values and Vision, Maia Melo Engineering as engineering consulting company, promotes its effective engagement with stakeholders through the following policy:

- Search the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management and sustainable development;

- Satisfaction and loyalty of customers and employees;

- Pollution prevention and environmental impacts and social impacts and risks of accidents and occupational health and safety;

- Adoption of the Code of Ethics as a landmark for good interpersonal relationships among stakeholders;

- Training, awareness and commitment of our employees;

- Compliance with applicable law and other requirements for health, safety and environment, among other requirements which the organization subscribes.






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