Founded in 1982, Maia Melo consolidated a leading position in engineering and architecture consulting, performing services covering all stages of development of the enterprise, from the design and feasibility studies to implementation of the work. Thevast experience accumulated over nearly three decades and its staff of highly skilled professionals Melo puts Maya among the most qualified companies in the market.

The significant technical assets of the company, especially in the field of transportation engineering, includes work in the areas of planning, basic and executive projects, management and supervision of works, institutional development, logistics and transportation management systems in most states of the country With forays abroad.

In the field of system quality management certified according to ISO 9001, Maia Melo has been a pioneer, as a consulting company: the 1st to get certified, the 1994 versionof the standard in the north/northeast, take 1st obtain, at the national level, the adequacy of the quality system to ISO 9001/2000. Currently Maia Melo has ISO9001/2008, ISO 14001/2004, 16001/2004 and OHSAS NBR 18001/2007.




Acting in the field of engineering consulting with a focus on project design and construction management, offering sustainable solutions with excellence and innovation in a relationship of partnership and service to customers' expectations, while respecting the environment, preventing accidents at work and acting with responsibility Social.


Being a company where employees like to work through a management continuously improved in order to get motivation and employee training, with continued growth in technological knowledge, productivity gains, standardization of its products, and the ability to offer more services, both in respect of quantity and diversification of products, causing the expansion of its
customer and satisfaction, always expanding its holdings both nationally and internationally, earning gains in sales and profitability in a sustainable way and recognized for his civic conduct, both in environmental and social aspects.


Responsible Entrepreneurship;
Consistency - relationships and actions;
Ethical Behavior;
Culture of quality;
Focus on results;
Quality in interpersonal relationship
Acquisition and transmission of knowledge

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